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About Asset Location and Recovery International Inc.

ALRI is directed by John Patrick Quirk.

You can:

Whether monies are secreted in an insurance trust in Bermuda, a bank account in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, a discretionary trust in Guernsey or a Swiss Management Portfolio Account in Switzerland, ALRI can locate the account.

ALRI charges consulting fees, as each case is NOT just a database search, but a specialized individual case...divorce, bank fraud or insurance fraud all have different topics, depending on the amount of the fraud, the movement of monies and the vehicle used to both move and hide assets.

ALRI can operate in any of the following ways on your behalf.

  1. Trace and establish the paper trail.
  2. Locate Assets. Locate the account, number, name of the bank account, trust, or investment vehicle.
  3. Consult with law enforcement internationally, depending on client's wishes.
  4. Consult with attorneys on the civil and or criminal complaint to seize of freeze the assets.
  5. Provide a two-hour seminar on location and recovery of assets in foreign banking areas. See Seminars.
  6. Consult on an hourly basis.
  7. Provide a two-hour seminar on how money laundering laws affect your asset recovery. See Seminars.
  8. Provide consulting services on document acquisition to support your case.
  9. Provide consulting services in the area of diplomatic assistance, international treaty nuances, and legal assistance - country to country or between countries and secret banking havens.

ALRI Inc. uses outside investigators, forenscic accounts and international sources. After an investigation is complete-- usually by federal authorities or outside investigators ALRI Inc. consults on aspects of the recovery.ALRI Inc uses investigative agencies like Spencer Investigations Inc. (www.spencerinvestigations.com) and other outside investigators.

Asset Location and recovery international Inc.
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