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John Patrick Quirk

John Patrick Quirk is the author of a number of books and articles on national security and intelligence, including the CIA Entrance Examination, The Intelligence Community and the FBI Entrance Examination. He is also the author of the best-selling, CIA: A Photographic History. He has recently written articles for the ABA's National Security Law Report: Latin America and the New US National Security Concerns and a a second article, New Targeting and Goals in National Security Matters. Other recent articles include topics on Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, French Foreign Policy, Banking Secrecy and the All European Intelligence Service.

John Quirk is a Professor of National Security Studies and lectures on corporate and financial intelligence in France and Istanbul.

He has lived in Venezuela, France, Russia, Yugoslavia and Jordan. He has also testified before the House Intelligence Committee on KGB Matters. For several years he taught a 14 week course on Intelligence and National Security at two universities and has lectured at the California Bar on Corporate Espionage. He has lectured for several years on the World's Intelligence Services at the Center for Diplomatique and Strategic Studies in Paris and one year at the Diplomatic Academy of London.

He is a subject of a two books titled Betrayed, about his work in Russia and Eastern Europe regarding the POW issue, and The Penafiles, how he rescued a client from being indicted. His new writings include a book on Terror in Latin America and an article on Local Police Cooperation in Terrorism matters. He divides his time between Florida and France.

Mr. Quirk  has few peers as an investigator and intelligence expert in the corporate and business worlds. Specifically, he has:


  • Successfully investigated counterfeiting and developed worldwide intelligence networks for anticounterfeiting.

  • Investigated the diversion and counterfeiting of luxury goods globally and developed a data­bank on counterfeiting.

  • Represented clients on a major case of a multi-million dollar fraud against a religious group

  • Worked with foreign and domestic intelligence and law enforcement services

  • Authored ten books on intelligence, including the best selling,

    • The Central Intelligence Agency

    • The Intelligence Community

    • CIA and the Drug Wars

  • Authored the CIA Entrance Examination

  • Been a professor of intelligence at several universities, teaching a course on intelligence and national security

  • Developed the first 14-week course on intelligence, which is currently utilized in many universities and intelligence schools

  • Lived overseas in countries as diverse as Venezuela, Jordan, France, Yugoslavia and England

  • Handled the negotiations for several major companies entering the U.S. market and U.S. companies entering the European markets

  • Successfully completed a study on the EEC and its impact on American trade

  • Represented foreign leaders in political campaigns

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